FAQ - "What are emergency undies" & more!

What are Panic Panties?
Panic Panties are premium, individually-packaged underwear designed for life’s little emergencies. Stash them in your purse, luggage, car, and gym bag so you always have a spare pair on hand—or pick them up from one of our convenient retailers when you need a fresh pair fast! They're pre-washed so you can wear them right away (and then again & again!) or keep them on you for life's unexpected moments. 
Are Panic Panties one-time use/disposable?
NOPE! Panic Panties are premium panties made from high-quality fabrics that can be worn again and again. Wear them in a time of need and then add them to your normal underwear assortment for everyday wear. We’ll bet they’ll be your new favorite pair.
Are these period panties?
Nope! Panic Panties are not absorbent and aren’t for free bleeding or incontinence, however, they are great for unexpected periods, leaks, sweaty Bettys, discharge, and bladder woes so you have a fresh pair to change into when moisture strikes. Our packaging is resealable so you can simply take out the new pair, repack your worn pair, and get on with your day ;)
Can you tell me more about your fabrics?
We exclusively use premium, OEKO-TEX certified fabrics that feel just as good as they look. They’ve been quality tested to stand the test of time. Each style has a 100% cotton lining. (And yes, your pads will stick to them!)
What is OEKO-TEX?
OEKO-TEX is a fantastic certification for fabrics that certifies that the garments are free of harmful toxins and chemicals. Read more about the Standard 100 Certification on our Sustainability & Giving Back page.
Do you offer inclusive sizing?
We offer three inclusive size ranges: S/M (sizes 2-10), L/XL (sizes 12-16), and 1XL-3XL (sizes 18-26).
Life isn’t one size fits all and neither are our panties! We believe in catering to women of all different shapes and sizes, and that’s why we fit each of our sizes on real women and don’t settle until they're 100% fit model approved. Not-so-fun-fact: Many brands simply fit a size small and then “grade” up from there, never fitting the larger sizes on real women. Well, we’d never! We absolutely obsess about fit and are always open to feedback to help us to continue to perfect it.

If there’s a size that you’d like that we currently don’t carry, please send us a note! We are constantly trying to expand our size ranges as a small biz and it's helpful when we know there's a demand!
Do you only wear these in a panic?
Nope! Our panties are so awesome (in our humble opinion) that many customers buy them for everyday wear simply because they love them so much. We’ll be launching packaging-free bundles in the coming months to make it easy to restock your drawers with your favorite pairs.
What is the difference between Panic Panties Originals & Essentials styles?
Great question! Our Essentials line is our new in-store-only line that's exclusively sold IRL at places like Walgreens, hospital gift shops, and grocery and convenience stores across the country—helping us reach our goal of bringing premium, department-store-quality underwear to convenient places! We worked hard to hit a $9.99 price point for these new styles with the same great quality our customers know and love. This new line even has a few bad a$$ new features: 

• Fun new ombre packaging 
• Carbon neutral packaging that funds ocean clean-ups 
• An antimicrobial cotton lining 
• Two new incredible styles: The 4-Way Stretch Bikini + Stretch Lace Thong (microfiber body with lace waistband)

Want to shop Essentials? Check our store locator to find them IRL! 
What styles do you offer?
We offer three styles for our Originals line: The Flex Fit Thong, No-Show Bikini, & Mid-Rise Lace Thong, and two styles for our Essentials line: The Stretch Lace Thong & 4-Way Stretch Bikini)
Is your packing eco-friendly?
Our new Essentials packaging is fully recyclable, carbon neutral, resealable, and funds ocean clean ups. We are working hard to transition our Originals line to a plant-based material by Q4 2024, but offer plenty of ways to reuse your packaging in the meantime. Reseal your worn panties to keep things sanitary and discreet, or use the empty packaging to stash away condoms, hair pins, fem wipes, retainers (lol), tampons, and more!
Iā€™m a retailer. How do I place a wholesale order?
We'd love to work with you! If you’d like to order through Faire’s wholesale platform, here's a link that will also get you $100 off your first order and a year of free-shipping when you register. To go direct through us, just send us an email at contact@panicpanties.com, or drop us a note in the contact field on our website with your order request. We’ll get right back to you!
What is your return policy?
We offer a 15-day return window from the day the package is received. We hope you love your Panic Panties, but will happily take them back if you’re not completely obsessed. Just shoot us a note at contact@panicpanties.com and we’ll get you refunded ASAP.
Are you women-owned?
Yes! We are a WBENC-certified women-owned small business, and proud of it! We’ve won awards for innovation & momentum, and placed 2nd nationally in the 2022 WBENC Pitch Competition for Innovation. If you're a fellow women-owned biz, reach out about a collab! We love supporting and working with women on the rise. 
Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes!!! Forgive us while our affiliate page is under construction, but in the meantime, send a note to contact@panicpanties.com for any affiliate related questions/requests. The good news is we’ve officially launched our TIKTOK Affiliate program! Head on over to TIKTOK and submit to be one of our content partners to receive a commission on all Panic Panties sales you drive.
Why did you start Panic Panties?
We are three best friends who needed a fresh pair of panties—and needed them STAT! When we were living and working in NYC, we found a huge need for quality, read-to-wear panties in convenient places. When we'd run to a CVS or Walgreens in times of need, they had all of our wellness essential EXCEPT a pair of panties we would ever dare to wear. So we set out to become the first brand to bring department store quality, pre-washed and individualy-wrapped panties to drug stores, convenience stores, airports, gyms, hospital gift shops, schools, and much, much more. We're changing the way women shop for quality underwear and arming women everywhere with a fresh, quality pair whenever, wherever they need them.
Where can I buy Panic Panties in person?
Many places! And we're working hard to continue to grow that list of retailers so panty-less moments can be a thing of the past. Head on over to our Store Locator to find our list of kick a$$ retailers. For delivery in minutes, shop Panic Panties on GoPuff (we're available in most markets).
Where are Panic Panties manufactured?
Panic Panties are ethically and thoughtfully manufactured in Cambodia. We are so grateful for our incredible manufacturing partner and work closely with our team in Cambodia to ensure we’re delivering the highest quality product and taking great care of our teammates in the process.
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