One For You, One For Your Bestie - 2-Pack Bundle

One For You, One For Your Bestie - 2-Pack Bundle

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A friend is someone who tells you about Panic Panties. A best friend is someone who buys you your first pair. <3 

Gift your best girl something that will truly save her day. Choose a style/size for yourself and then do the same for her! 


Styles to choose from:

FLEX FIT THONG  Prepare to be obsessed with this barely-there microfiber thong. Made with our best-selling buttery-smooth fabric, the Flex Fit Thong has an insane silky stretch that allows for the most flexible fit. Wear it high, low, or right in between.

🌬 NEW - Antimicrobial Cotton Lining to prevent bacteria & odor

🧸 Ultrasoft, stretchy, & breathable microfiber

🍑 "No-Pinch" elastic-free waistband


NO-SHOW BIKINI  Boring bikinis begone. Our Buttery-Smooth Bikini is anything but. Just as cute as it is functional, it gently hugs your body like second skin. Comfy enough to wear to bed, sleek and smooth enough to slip on under your jeans.

🤸‍♀️ Next-level-soft microfiber

✅ Breathable cotton lining

☁️ Ultra-stretchy, elastic-free seams (see ya never, muffin tops!)


MID-RISE LACE THONG  Meet your new favorite thong. Soft, sleek, and perfect for everyday wear. Made with luxurious spandex lace and a breathable cotton lining, the Mid-Rise Lace Thong looks as good as it feels. 

🧸 Super soft & stretchy spandex lace

✅ Breathable cotton lining

🍑 Flattering v-cut waistband

Signature mid-rise fit—wear it higher, lower, or right in between

Why Panic Panties?
Consider these your panties in a pinch — whenever, wherever you need them! Just like lipstick or a tampon, keep Panic Panties in your purse, throw them in your gym bag, stash them in your luggage, and whatever you do, never be without a pair.

Perfect for:

  • Traveling
  • Freshening up down under
  • When you laugh so hard you pee a little
  • Stashing in your gym bag, purse, desk, locker, luggage and car
  • Date nights that lead to mornings after
  • That time of the month
  • When your Betty’s kinda sweaty
  • Everyday wear
  • Gifting! Bachelorette favors, Galentine’s Day gifts, stocking stuffers, and more
  • The perfect spare pair for life’s unexpected moments.


Ethically and thoughtfully sourced.